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The ever-increasing property rate has made it difficult for young executives to take up flats in a prime location which could be closer to one’s office. With projects mushrooming on the outskirts of the city, it makes for a good deal for the employees to look for a flat in such projects because of economic reason. While such a scenario is a good deal for them however, it takes a toll on the physical and mental health and affects the work-life balance too. This blog talks about the advantages of property closer to one’s office and how it can actually work out to be a win-win situation considering all aspects.

  1. A property closer to office reduces your commuting time to the office – While infrastructure has grown in major cities to keep up with burgeoning city limits, it still takes up a considerable amount of man-hours to travel to the office. If one takes up a property closer to one’s office it can save these man-hours which one can choose to use productively otherwise.
  2. A place closer to the workplace helps you save money – Modern-day cab operators although work out to be a feasible option, they still turn out to be expensive than public transport and hence burn a hole in your pocket. By choosing a place closer to one’s workplace, one can save a considerable amount of money every month.
  3. Commuting is not just about travelling, it stresses you out too – The various modes of transport help us reach office on time, however getting on board a bus or a train or a metro has its own battles or if it’s the new-age way of cabs that you choose an unsteady internet connection can add to your woes. Such a scenario will definitely push you to choose a place closer to the workplace.
  4. Travelling for long hours will expose you to pollution taking a toll on your health – Cities are becoming increasingly chaotic with an increasing number of vehicles and also public transport. In major metropolitan cities, travelling to the workplace can easily take up 1-2 hours which exposes one to a lot of traffic pollution. In such a scenario it is best to choose a place close to the office to avoid unnecessary pollution.
  5. Good work-life balance – We have already seen a good amount of reason of why one should consider a place closer to office. By staying close to office you save a considerable amount of money and time which can turn out to be good for one’s work-life balance. This work-life balance can add to one’s well-being bringing about a holistic change in mental and physical health.

Presenting one such project in the IT hub of Cochin is Sunnyvale from SFS Homes bang on expressway Kakkanad. A major plus point for all IT employees and others in the vicinity. With facilities like Infinity Pool, Rooftop party area, A/c Party hall, well-equipped fitness centre, Kids Play area and more, which make it an ideal project for all your needs.

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