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Affordable – The fact that 1 BHK flats for sale are among the most affordable residential property types is well-known. Even if you plan on taking a loan for purchasing such a property, you will benefit of smaller down payments and monthly instalments. Hence if you want to save some money while getting yourself a place to dwell, one BHK flats is what you should be considering.

Low cost of maintenance – Another big advantage of investing in a single bedroom apartment is that it requires less work, which means the upkeep is easier than it is in case of multi-bedroom apartments. The property tax on small properties is lower too. 

Rentable – 1 BHK flats also make for good investments because they get rented especially in big cities that are commercial hubs.
How to do away with space related issues in a one BHK flat?BENEFITS OF INVESTING IN A 1 BHK FLAT


It is not a secret that a home of your own is the best investment option out there. This, combined with the affordability factor has led to the rise in sales of one bedroom apartments over the years. Even when the apartment is availed under finance, the down payment as well as the monthly instalment options is more beneficial to the customer. It is ideal for bachelors, or even small families that wish to set up their homes in cities, or even consider an apartment as their second homes.


The low maintenance costs of 1 BHK apartments act as a major onus to the buyers, as these apartments require very low maintenance, and hence easier on the pockets. In addition, one bedroom apartments have a much lesser property tax compared to multi bedroom options, which add up to the buyer’s savings as well.


In this era, where every city is turning into a commercial hub, 1 BHK apartments offer the added advantage of an extra income, by being rentable to those who look out for a temporary living situation in these cities. So if you look at it from an investor’s POV, a one BHK apartment always shines a little brighter on the ROI part.


It’s a myth when people complain that one BHK apartments are not spacious enough and get easily crammed up with stuff, leaving no space to walk around. This statement is actually not true at all. Even though one BHK apartments are not designed to occupy large families or a bigger crowd, the manner in which an apartment is maintained holds accountable for 99% of the space constraints people complain about.

Let’s say you are someone living in a one bedroom apartment in a big city. You might have a lot of possessions, may be more than an average individual. Organizing your stuff in a creative manner can aid you heavily in having a spacious and comfortable living space. Let’s take a look at some tips to improve your living experience, within your one bedroom apartment itself

  • Sort and Discard

It might be books, clothes, or videogames you got yourself 10 years ago, people have a certain way of accumulating stuff more than they actually need or will use. A little bit of sorting your stuff and keeping aside those you won’t use in the near future can save up a lot of space and give your home a fresh new ambience.

•     Storage is the key

Probably, the best way to save space in a one BHK or a studio apartment is to make maximum use of modified storage units. These are often common furniture pieces that are modified to serve with extra storage. In addition to this, you can also put certain things to multiple use, for instance, a study table in your hall could also be your dining space from time-to-time.

  • Vertical Spaces are the latest trend               
    What most householders forget is that an apartment does not just have horizontal space but vertical too, which can be useful just the same, may be even more too. Wall-mounted storage units, cupboards and even vertical gardens are some of the best examples of the same. These add a certain look of awe to your home, and also save space enormously.

Saving space in an apartment is not a Herculean task at all. A certain sense of alignment, proper placement of objects and your own creativity will do wonders into making your apartment look awesome as ever.

Are you on the lookout for an 1 BHK in the heart of Kochi? A corporately futuristic home close to the International Airport in Nedumbassery, with premium amenities, world class styling and Avant Garde design, SFS Airport Royale is a versatile home ideal for customers from all walks of life. Located in close proximity to the airport and the national Highway, the Airport Royale could be a home to the international traveller, the business traveller or even a weekend getaway and a pure investment with assured rentals.  In addition, the recent development of the Cochi metro in its phase 2 development, and the 2.5 km widening of the Seaport Airport Road from Kakkanad Collectorate junction to Infopark Expressway Entrance into four-lane, the SFS Airport Royale lies amidst the most happening development in the city, which makes it a great opportunity for investors to get their hands on.

Close to the IT Hub of Cochin, its prime location makes it an ideal space for young professionals as well.  also Its proximity to the IT hub of Cochin makes it an ideal home for the young professionals. It can also be considered as a serene home for senior citizens.

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