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Another year coming to an end, another year soon to begin! If you do not have any plans of your own to go out and celebrate new year, you can arrange a celebration inside your apartment complex for like-minded folks!

So here are a bunch of ideas for celebrating a memorable New Year’s event within your apartment complex.

1. Bestest Selfie Ever!

Ask residents to submit selfies taken inside the apartment complex after giving it a funny title. Best entries, decided upon most number of likes any photo gets, are displayed on the event venue. The resident wins a prize and there’s popularity! You can even run a theme that highlights a feature or location inside the society. Most people would readily participate in this event because all it takes is a smartphone and a nice smile. This contest can be held over a period of one week. Do try this one out!

2. Mannequin Challenge!

This one has already taken the world by storm. Request batches of 5 people to come on stage, and ask them to pose immobile for an entire two minutes when the anchor says freeze. This should be fun. Pick the kids first, as restless as they are, it might be very amusing to watch them not move for sometime.

3. Drape The Sari Right or Man-Drape!

Make this exclusively for the men. Have a few simple saris ready and ask men to come up on stage to drape themselves with it. Set a two minute time limit and see who gets it right. Trust us, this one is going to be hilarious!

4. Fun Two-Liners On A Topic

Ask the residents to make a fun two-liner poem about any chosen topic. It could be anything, though demonetization is a pretty popular choice now :). Make the poets recite it out loud on stage. The funniest one wins enormous bragging rights!

5. Guess The Name?

This is another entertaining game that educates too! Ideal for kids below 15, this game involves someone showing photos of famous buildings/personalities to teams of kids. The team with maximum right answers, wins the game. Ramp up the difficulty factor a bit by describing the person/building and not showing them any pictures at all.

6. Tongue Twister Challenge

Let the MC/organisers read out a very complex tongue twister to the audience. Anyone confident enough to do ten repetitions without sounding like a bunch of tin cans clashing together can go on stage and demonstrate their skills. Sounds fun? If nobody comes forth to say it, entice them with a prize! And say – Yellow lorry, lorry rally. Ouch, did you sprain your tongue?

7. Green Love

To mark a good start to the new year, the participants can plant a few saplings just before the countdown begins. Saplings can be purchased using the funds that were raised for the new year event and the planting can be done in any of the common areas or even pots, if that is convenient. There can never be too many plants on this planet. Greens are our lifelines and begin the new year with a step that is symbolic of preservation and nurturing.

You can ask some of the seniors from your apartment complex to plant the first few trees on the day of the celebrations to show them respect.

8. Stalls!

Who doesn’t love shopping and also making some money on the side? As cliched as it might be, stalls are still the one thing that attracts people at events. Folks who run small scale businesses from their homes should could get some visibility and an opportunity to show off their wares! Food and merchandise stalls are often the biggest hits in any function. If you are holding the event in an open area, make sure that lighting and other arrangements are made.


Let the festivities begin! Well, the idea is to hold an event that leaves everyone happy. And don’t forget to clean up after yourselves. Gather, socialize and forge friendships that will last a lifetime.

Welcome the new year with joy and peace. If you have any more fun ideas, don’t forget to share with us. Happy New Year, everyone, may the year ahead bring you nothing but joy and prosperity!

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