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‘The sky will never be the same again ,yet dreams will find a new dawn again’.

This beautiful quote is embodied with a lot of meaning and relevance . The COVID 19 Virus changed mindsets, work patterns, policies and social  paradigms across the globe. In the same wave of transformation design philosophies evolved with a new synonym.

Resilience, biophilic and wellness based design features that imbibe these aspects offer the most sturdy solutions in dealing with the Covid Pandemic. Let us carefully explore some of the characteristics that make our homes Covid proof.

Design elements in SFS Tranquil

What could be the picture-perfect model of one such dream home? Clutter free design ensuing ergonomics is an important factor. The concept of Social distancing facilitated by spatial distanced apartments is another important factor in this Covid era. The low density (61 apartments in 91 cents) single tower project SFS Tranquil at Kottayam by SFS Homes, imbibes these factors.

At SFS Tranquil flats, common areas are designed and built with naturally ventilation. Fresh air will dilute the pollution level and flush out the contaminants. The common areas are designed and built harnessing 85% sunlight. Windows are well placed to utilise sun movement across seasons using computerized simulation. Therefore every space receives maximum sunlight. The high performance glass used on all windows ensures screening of harmful UV rays. Ample sunlight will naturally sanitize and increase immunity for occupants.

The visual language used in terms of tall room, wide angle design ensures uninterrupted flow of natural energies. This improves the wellness quotient of the occupants. Windows with  spectacular views enhance the mood. Lush greenery and bespoke experiences by renowned landscape architects add to high biophilic value. The Yoga deck-like sun kissed balconies help in fighting germs and staying healthy.

Green Building

SFS Homes are pioneers in green building concept in Kerala.The first multi dwelling residential gold rated building in Kerala was SFS Grande in Trivandrum. SFS Stanford in Trivandrum is Kerala’s first and only platinum rated green building . This has been certified by Indian Green Building Council (IGBC ) certified gold rated building. SFS Tranquil is an IGBC Pre certified gold rated building. High wellness quotient is an in built feature of SFS Homes.

Technology for minimum manual intervention

SFS Tranquil is technologically equipped  to attain least human intervention. High level automation like mechanised boom barrier, contactless access, automated waste water treatment, piped gas supply , designed with self sufficient water management system ,dash board control for property manager to name a few. Onsite waste burner is available to burn contaminated waste within the premises.

Using construction materials that enhance wellbeing

Antibacterial, antimicrobial and easy to clean surfaces are must haves for the wellbeing of inmates. Flooring materials like Nano polished vitrified tiles and porcelain tiles, Quartz, granite, or laminate and lacquered finished doors, stainless steel door handles and lift walls help to prevent bacterial and microbial survival . It is pertinent to note that  stainless steel is among the most versatile material with minimal bacterial and viral retention. This offers hygienic and easy to clean surfaces in times like Covid 19. Seamless and easy to clean surfaces are part of our design policy. Windows and common area comprising of NO NOOK, NO JOINT, NO GAP designs facilitate easy cleaning. Low VOC paints and materials used to increase health and reduce emission-based allergies.

Concepts employed in bathrooms to avoid bacteria and virus traps

Spa-style bathrooms with his and her wash basins, natural light with large windows with outdoor  views are aesthetics with purpose. Well-designed natural and forced exhaust system help to remove contaminants. The project has installed anti bacterial glazed sanitary ware which kills microbes concealed in toilets. All toilets are equipped with wall mounted EWC closets ,concealed cistern facilitates cleaning. This  helps in reducing nooks  were bacteria and virus traps.

Keyless entry and lifts

Key less entry for each apartment to make it contactless .And provision to remotely operate opening enhances this feature. Multiple high speed lifts (1.6 mts / sec) for facilitate social distancing .It also reduces crowding and call waiting time.

Facilities for support people

Need help at home? Facility to accommodate in-house support staff are available within the premises. Each apartment has maid’s or nurse bedroom and toilet, drivers dormitory facility, property manager room, security room .These attributes add immense value during Covid times.

More carpet area

Conventional functional room type floor plan is versatile. This as an alternative to modern open room design is useful . As we are aware functional square footage is now more important than ever.

Work life Balance

Large master bedroom provides space for flexible work cabinets. As elucidated above the entire ambience stimulates creativity and improves productivity for those who ‘work from home’ .There is minimal glaring for display screens, and better acoustic control fenestration is facilitated. Building is equipped with high bandwidth broadband connection backed  by FTTH optical fiber backbone .The ample switch sockets to facilitate remote and work from home. All bedroom design are flexible spaces. This helps to adapt to changing requirements, namely storage – study – lounge –hobby. 

Covid times come with double whammy -Work from home and work out at home. Spaces follow distinct demarcation between live space- work spaces – work out space – learn spaces. Entryways foyers, shoe store spaces, disinfection and sanitizing spaces provided in every apartment have another utility. It creates screening space before entry to living area. Further, each apartment and building are completely and mandatorily flushed out before handling over.

Self-sufficient ecosystem

SFS Tranquil is self-sufficient in electricity and water. Rainwater harvesting, storage, filtration plant provides hassle free water across all seasons. Due to the efficient water management system and low flow fixtures, water cost per apartment is reduced by 40 percent less compared to a conventional building. The water treatment system is equipped with activated carbon filter, sand filter and disinfection for microbial elimination.This ensures potable water here conforms to International standards to limit the presence of microbes.

The building is designed to reduce energy consumption by 10 percent .Further, captive production of power through bio fuel operated generator and 30 KW solar power plant makes the apartment almost energy neutral. Apartment has electric vehicle charging facility ,thereby reducing dependency on fossil fuel and need to go to the fuel station.

Elder and Kid friendly

All these aspects encompass elderly and kids friendly design and function. Barrier free design for common areas and one toilet in each apartment for easy movement of wheel chair enhances  the uniqueness of SFS Tranquil apartments, especially in Kottayam.

Have a passion for cooking and food?

Every apartment has elaborate first and work area kitchen for elaborate cooking, and storage. Beyond functioning as the hub of the home, kitchens regain importance as people are no longer eating out or ordering in.Therefore cooking increases due to both necessity and enjoyment.

Quality lifestyle at all times

SFS Tranquil Building design provides facility for private containment. The concept of shared pandemic helps handle social resilience. Community meeting -greeting – entertainment spaces helps avoid loneliness. Foot reflexology, yoga pavilion ,sun loungers and garden pathways offer relaxing outdoor amenities . Common home gardening space helps cultivation of organic fruit and vegetable that boosts immunity. Gardening helps boredom and increases agility .

SFS Tranquil is blessed with sustainable solutions as we reinvent lifestyles to Covid 19 pandemic. All these provides an uplifting environment in one’s home with emphasis to  physical ,mental ,social and emotional well-being. Ideally, as the saying goes ‘Home is where the heart is’.


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