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Individual water metering benefits | SFS Homes

Water scarcity is big issue in India, especially in apartments with huge water requirements. Residents in apartments at metros are finding it very difficult many times to manage water connections and have to deal with water problems frequently, especially during the summer.

Many apartments in cities have a single water connection which has to be managed by all the residents living in the building. This is an irksome issue because even if one resident overuses the water supply, all the residents have to bear the bill, thus causing a huge loss to both water and money. Also, without individual meters, it is difficult to track over usage and there will not be a sense of responsibility among residents to keep an eye on water usage. In many places, the apparent shortages are met with delivery from third party water tankers, and the residents have their pockets torn from paying too many water bills and still not getting enough water for use.

Hindrances for adopting individual water meters

  • Once the project is completed and ready to move, laying pipes and plumbing systems for individual water meters is a cumbersome process and wastage of money.
  • Residents are happy to share the water bill than paying extra for individual water meters which may be huge in the initial stage, but they ignore that they will benefit in the long run.
  • It is easy for developers and builders to install a common water meter than individual water meters.

Benefits of having Individual Water Meter Connection

Getting an individual water meter has multiple benefits and is a must have in all apartments, and here are the reasons for the same.

  1. When installed at the source, water meters will ensure that only the correct amount of water that is supplied by the contractor flows in and will eliminate any proxy entries that flows in at night.
  2. The overall costs and consumption are reduced by 30 to 40 percent on sub-metering water in apartment complexes.
  3. This process will greatly reduce the need for third party water tankers and will reduce the cost of monthly maintenance.
  4. Individual water meters will ensure that you only pay for the water you use. So if a flat contains more occupants than others, they would have to pay more for consumption than flats with less occupants.
  5. It will raise awareness about water leakage and conservation of water.
  6. Having stop valves for every apartment will make sure that during any maintainence works or water leakage, the water supply would be stopped to that particular apartment only and not everyone suffers out of it.
  7. Water meters will dispel confusion of per square feet based maintenance collection.
Individual Water Metering System in SFS Casaflora

Individual Water Metering Scheme

Individual Water Metering Scheme

SFS, First time introduced the individual water meter system in multistoried residential construction in India.

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