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Apartments in Kottayam | Flats in Kottayam

Since the inception of mankind, community living provided us a sense of belonging and a feeling of security. In the current fast-paced modern life, these factors can be much beneficial as the busy schedules can lead us to isolation and aloofness. Socialising has been proven very necessary for healthy living as it opens up ways to earn new experiences.

Imagine a community where you have like-minded neighbors, where you feel safe sending your kids out to play, where you don’t worry about leaving your elderly parents alone, where you don’t have to worry about a burst pipe or intermittent water supply, where there is abundant living space and serenity. That is what you call an exceptional experience of community living. That is where you would like to have your home, a place where you can enjoy the best of lifestyle amenities nestled with open green spaces.

SFS Tranquil located at Kodimatha, Kottayam gives it all! Where creating meaningful relationships has become a rare activity, SFS Tranquil is going to change that. These residential homes are designed to give you the privacy of your own homes along with the benefits of community living.


These homes come with the best architectural and infrastructural facilities. Life just gets better with living amidst nature in peace and harmony. So, come discover SFS Tranquil, where you get a chance to live the social life you have always dreamed of.


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