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Water is growing to be a precious commodity day by day for sustaining life and the environment. Ecological balance to economic development and everything in between, water has an indelible role to play and its equitable management is the need of the day. With water resources facing unforeseen challenges, the importance of water security has been listed as one of the major sustainable goals 2020 by the UN.

Global scenario is such that, due to rising sea levels we foresee intrusion of sea water to land, thereby decreasing the availability of fresh water. This scarcity combined with higher treatment costs in the realm of a community living scenario where chances of overuse, abuse and misuse maybe higher calls for holistic approach towards water management system.

In the wake of the importance of water, the UN has declared access to water as a basic human right and the Constitution of India under Article 21, which guarantees right to life encompasses within its ambit the right to get access to water.Upholding the UN and constitutional directive and the increasing social, economic, environmental relevance of water mandates its prudent usage, recycling and conservation.

A picture perfect illustration of water paradigm and its significance lies at SFS Tranquil apartments in Kottayam, a luxury apartment project by premium builder in Kerala, SFS Homes. Water management here primarily involves having multiple sources of water ,its collection, treatment ,storage, effective distribution, monitoring of usage ,conservation, treatment of waste water, reuse of water and groundwater recharge. In order to avoid fluctuation in the availability of quality water, the apartment has adhered to alternate sources of water to meet the demand in a sustainable manner. Water sources include municipal water, water from premises as groundwater, rainwater varies with the vagaries of seasons. As the quality of water gets depleted and denser in summer season, treatment of water becomes more difficult. Aggregating multiple water sources helps in meeting the demand for quality water in such situations.

The SFS tranquil apartment project is designed as an off shore structure by lifting the ground level higher and facilitating the basement space for ample storage of water. This acts as a buffer to control fluctuations and ensures smooth availability of water. The treatment system has been established after a study spanning at least two years, covering all the seasons. This ensures robust system of water treatment with least cost.

Rainwater harvesting system at SFS Tranquil is a great boon for apartment occupants. Kottayam receives more than 3 meters of annual rainfall, recording an increase in recent times. Rain water collected in the raw water tank gets shifted periodically making space for collecting the next downpour. This enhances the system capability to collect rain water. Leveraging the change in rainfall pattern which is a bounty of nature, abundant and free of cost, has ensured smart usage of water. This has significantly resulted in the reduction of water charges for individual apartments.

Accountability of water by individual water meters in the apartments has a cascading effect on water charges as it not only encourages water saving mentality but also discourages wastage of water. It has proven and long lasting benefits of reducing water consumption by 30 percent. Pertinently water saved will also help in reducing the cost of waste water treatment (STP)

The presence of water saving faucets which drastically reduce water consumption has a pivotal role in reducing water consumption on a long term basis.

A fully fledged waste water treatment plant with power saving features at SFS Tranquil flats is a brilliant waste water system that facilitates custodial uses like toilet flushing, irrigation, landscaping, gardening and so on. Usage of water conserving irrigation systems like drip and sprinkler will help in reducing every client’s water bills. The treated water can help in recharging the ground water too. High Efficiency water pumps reduces power consumption and adds to saving water costs. All these features will ensure 30 percent reduction in water costs at SFS Tranquil in comparison to conventional buildings or independent homes and villas.

Following a proper green building rating system like IGBC ,GRIHA ,BEE , LEED etc helps in establishing a system in the initial design stage itself. Furthermore, water audit at intervals helps the apartment owner or tenant in fine tuning the system. SFS TRANQUIL has adapted the Multi dwelling GREEN HOME rating of INDIAN GREEN BUILDING COUNCIL, for getting the pre certification for green building rating.

Water usage in common area is also is also to be monitored using sub metering .A  professional team of architects,landscape and sustainability consultants,MEP consultants ensured a highly efficient water management system is in place in this apartment project by SFS homes. Maintenance of these systems by trained staff under the supervision of the owners association is also a key factor to ensure long term benefits for years to come. In times of COVID-19 it is imperative to ensure sustainable solutions that reinvent our lifestyles to the criticality of the hour through better hygiene, water security and a safe environment. Even whilst working from home in today’s scenario, a home filled with amenities, clean and fresh water supply makes SFS Tranquil apartment project a safe haven to live in central Travancore region.

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