Water Management–“An Elixir to good life and living “ Water Management–“An Elixir to good life and living “

Water is growing to be a precious commodity day by day for sustaining life and the environment. Ecological balance to economic development and everything in between, water has an indelible role to play and its equitable management is the need of the day. With water resources facing unforeseen challenges, the importance of water security has been listed as one of the major sustainable goals 2020 by the UN.

Global scenario is such that, due to rising sea levels we foresee intrusion of sea water to land, thereby decreasing the availability of fresh water. This scarcity combined with higher treatment costs in the realm of a community living scenario where chances of overuse, abuse and misuse maybe higher calls for holistic approach towards water management system.

In the wake of the importance of water, the UN has declared access to water as a basic human right and the Constitution of India under Article 21, which guarantees right to life encompasses within its ambit the right to get access to water.Upholding the UN and constitutional directive and the increasing social, economic, environmental relevance of water mandates its prudent usage, recycling and conservation.

A picture perfect illustration of water paradigm and its significance lies at SFS Tranquil apartments in Kottayam, a luxury apartment project by premium builder in Kerala, SFS Homes. Water management here primarily involves having multiple sources of water ,its collection, treatment ,storage, effective distribution, monitoring of usage ,conservation, treatment of waste water, reuse of water and groundwater recharge. In order to avoid fluctuation in the availability of quality water, the apartment has adhered to alternate sources of water to meet the demand in a sustainable manner. Water sources include municipal water, water from premises as groundwater, rainwater varies with the vagaries of seasons. As the quality of water gets depleted and denser in summer season, treatment of water becomes more difficult. Aggregating multiple water sources helps in meeting the demand for quality water in such situations.

The SFS tranquil apartment project is designed as an off shore structure by lifting the ground level higher and facilitating the basement space for ample storage of water. This acts as a buffer to control fluctuations and ensures smooth availability of water. The treatment system has been established after a study spanning at least two years, covering all the seasons. This ensures robust system of water treatment with least cost.

Rainwater harvesting system at SFS Tranquil is a great boon for apartment occupants. Kottayam receives more than 3 meters of annual rainfall, recording an increase in recent times. Rain water collected in the raw water tank gets shifted periodically making space for collecting the next downpour. This enhances the system capability to collect rain water. Leveraging the change in rainfall pattern which is a bounty of nature, abundant and free of cost, has ensured smart usage of water. This has significantly resulted in the reduction of water charges for individual apartments.

Accountability of water by individual water meters in the apartments has a cascading effect on water charges as it not only encourages water saving mentality but also discourages wastage of water. It has proven and long lasting benefits of reducing water consumption by 30 percent. Pertinently water saved will also help in reducing the cost of waste water treatment (STP)

The presence of water saving faucets which drastically reduce water consumption has a pivotal role in reducing water consumption on a long term basis.

A fully fledged waste water treatment plant with power saving features at SFS Tranquil flats is a brilliant waste water system that facilitates custodial uses like toilet flushing, irrigation, landscaping, gardening and so on. Usage of water conserving irrigation systems like drip and sprinkler will help in reducing every client’s water bills. The treated water can help in recharging the ground water too. High Efficiency water pumps reduces power consumption and adds to saving water costs. All these features will ensure 30 percent reduction in water costs at SFS Tranquil in comparison to conventional buildings or independent homes and villas.

Following a proper green building rating system like IGBC ,GRIHA ,BEE , LEED etc helps in establishing a system in the initial design stage itself. Furthermore, water audit at intervals helps the apartment owner or tenant in fine tuning the system. SFS TRANQUIL has adapted the Multi dwelling GREEN HOME rating of INDIAN GREEN BUILDING COUNCIL, for getting the pre certification for green building rating.

Water usage in common area is also is also to be monitored using sub metering .A  professional team of architects,landscape and sustainability consultants,MEP consultants ensured a highly efficient water management system is in place in this apartment project by SFS homes. Maintenance of these systems by trained staff under the supervision of the owners association is also a key factor to ensure long term benefits for years to come. In times of COVID-19 it is imperative to ensure sustainable solutions that reinvent our lifestyles to the criticality of the hour through better hygiene, water security and a safe environment. Even whilst working from home in today’s scenario, a home filled with amenities, clean and fresh water supply makes SFS Tranquil apartment project a safe haven to live in central Travancore region.

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Individual water metering benefits Individual water metering benefits

Water scarcity is big issue in India, especially in apartments with huge water requirements. Residents in apartments at metros are finding it very difficult many times to manage water connections and have to deal with water problems frequently, especially during the summer.

Many apartments in cities have a single water connection which has to be managed by all the residents living in the building. This is an irksome issue because even if one resident overuses the water supply, all the residents have to bear the bill, thus causing a huge loss to both water and money. Also, without individual meters, it is difficult to track over usage and there will not be a sense of responsibility among residents to keep an eye on water usage. In many places, the apparent shortages are met with delivery from third party water tankers, and the residents have their pockets torn from paying too many water bills and still not getting enough water for use.

Hindrances for adopting individual water meters

  • Once the project is completed and ready to move, laying pipes and plumbing systems for individual water meters is a cumbersome process and wastage of money.
  • Residents are happy to share the water bill than paying extra for individual water meters which may be huge in the initial stage, but they ignore that they will benefit in the long run.
  • It is easy for developers and builders to install a common water meter than individual water meters.

Benefits of having Individual Water Meter Connection

Getting an individual water meter has multiple benefits and is a must have in all apartments, and here are the reasons for the same.

  1. When installed at the source, water meters will ensure that only the correct amount of water that is supplied by the contractor flows in and will eliminate any proxy entries that flows in at night.
  2. The overall costs and consumption are reduced by 30 to 40 percent on sub-metering water in apartment complexes.
  3. This process will greatly reduce the need for third party water tankers and will reduce the cost of monthly maintenance.
  4. Individual water meters will ensure that you only pay for the water you use. So if a flat contains more occupants than others, they would have to pay more for consumption than flats with less occupants.
  5. It will raise awareness about water leakage and conservation of water.
  6. Having stop valves for every apartment will make sure that during any maintainence works or water leakage, the water supply would be stopped to that particular apartment only and not everyone suffers out of it.
  7. Water meters will dispel confusion of per square feet based maintenance collection.
Individual Water Metering System in SFS Casaflora

Individual Water Metering Scheme

Individual Water Metering Scheme

SFS, First time introduced the individual water meter system in multistoried residential construction in India.

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Design your Home Office Design your Home Office

Having an office space at home comes with several benefits – there’s no commute, you achieve better work-life balance, and you can design your area as you please. Whether your home office is an actual room designated for your professional life, or merely a quiet corner for you to pay bills and draw out your schedule for the day, your space deserves more than just a metal table and chair. Here are five simple and easy tips to help you create and design a practical, yet charming home office.

Location is important

As is with buying a home, one of the most important aspects is getting the location right. For first-time homebuyers, it is important your new abode is close to your place of work and your child’s school, located in the right neighbourhood, and within proximity to restaurants, cafes, and other entertainment facilities. All this for the sake of convenience. Similarly, your home office will be a space that you will most likely be spending a lot of time in. Everyone has different conditions that maximise concentration and productivity. While some prefer to be in the thick of activity, others prefer to work in peace and quiet. Finding the right location in your home will help you come up with better home office designs.

Don’t sacrifice form for function

When looking for home office furniture, look for items that are both attractive, but functional. Remember to pick out a chair and desk that are comfortable, especially if you will be spending a lot of time in your home office. Consider your workflow and arrange items accordingly. This will help you with storage, particularly if your home office is in a smaller space. Most importantly, ensure you get plenty of light – either natural sunlight pouring in through a window or sufficient artificial lighting. These home office ideas will not only brighten up the look and feel of your home but will also help with your productivity.

Decorate appropriately

One of the biggest advantages of having a home office is being able to design and decorate it to suit your tastes. Start with painting your walls with a striking colour that doesn’t remind you of office grey, beige or white. For some, it could be a vibrant hue of orange or green. Or maybe you prefer something subtle like a pale pink or baby blue. Whatever your choice, make sure your home office design ideas include colours that will stimulate and inspire you.

As for accessories and furniture, you can opt to match the décor of the rest of your home or choose something completely different to distinguish your home office from the rest of the rooms. Choose accessories like pen stands, storage shelves, wastepaper baskets, etc. depending on the size of your desk and room. Choose minimalist designs if you have a smaller space, or go for more homey accessories if your home office is in a larger room – use your child’s painting as wall art, hang up inspirational quotes, etc. Here are some home décor trends you can try.

Give yourself a view

When thinking of unique home office ideas, begin with positioning your desk the right way. Place your desk in such a way that you aren’t just staring at a blank wall. If you have a window in the room, place your desk in front of it, so you get as much natural light as possible. If there are no windows, ensure your desk faces the door, so you won’t feel claustrophobic and will have something to look at when you glance up at your computer. Alternatively, you could also place a painting or a family picture on your window-less wall to give you something to look at.

Stay organised

The most successful home office design ideas make efficient use of space, particularly when there are no extra square feet to spare. Instead of occupying floor space with cupboards and cabinets, hang floating shelves on your walls to get rid of papers, and office equipment such as WiFi routers, printers, etc. Invest in a desk that comes with drawers so you can use each drawer for your notes, files and folders, cables, etc. This way you will be saving on space as well as ensuring your desk does not become cluttered and messy.

We are sure you are inspired to try some of these home office ideas. All that’s left for you to do is buy your dream home to implement them. Head over to SFS Homes today to find a superior home for you and your family!

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Stylize your Living Room Stylize your Living Room

The living room is the focal point of every home and it can define the style of a home. It’s the place to relax after a long day’s work, space where you watch movies, host get-togethers for your friends and entertain your guests. Here are a few tips you can adopt to make your living room feel more welcoming and classy for both yourself and your visitors.

Convert your living room into a space that shares your memories and give a glimpse into your interests. You could do this by arranging your shelves with some of your favorite books and personal collections. Photographs of your family and friends in the living room can give it a different mood and will also give your drawing room a rich look.

Add a Carpet to Brighten up your living room

A soft mat around the couch and coffee table can make your living room more comfy and colorful. It will give your living room an environment where you can relax and have fun, so keeping an upbeat atmosphere is paramount to help you accomplish that.

Fill your couch with pillows

 To make your living room comfortable, the best and easiest way is to stack up your couch with pillows and cushions to give it a warm and comfy appearance. The sight of soft and fluffy pillows will welcome you and your guests to lean back, relax, and enjoy at home.
Wallpaper themes
Interesting wallpapers and themes that can catch the eye’s attention and gives them something soothing to look at. From floral patterns, checkers, and even plain blocks or random splashes of lush colors, there are so many things you can try according to your taste and interest. A nice choice of wallpaper can add layer and texture to an otherwise plain-looking living room walls.

Fresh Fragrance

A rich-scented living room can be a more inviting space that rejuvenates your mood instantly. There are several options you can try from scented candles to air-fresheners etc. Choose a fragrance that matches the living room vibe and is not too strong.


An unorganized living room is an instant deterrent for visitors. Make sure that your living room doesn’t have a fainted and messy appearance. The look and vibe of your living space can make an impact on your mental state. Make sure there aren’t any books, papers, boxes, or other items that are unnecessarily placed in your living room.

Furnish Accordingly

Make sure that your living room furniture arrangements don’t make it crowded. Choose your furniture wisely and arrange it in a way to have enough space to comfortably move around in and have fun in each other’s company.

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How to make your work from home more effective and stay productive in the lockdown period. How to make your work from home more effective and stay productive in the lockdown period.

The entire world is now spending most of their time at home under lockdown due to coronavirus outbreak. The essentiality to be productive is the same, but the environment is not. The key to work from home is to create an atmosphere that helps to focus. It doesn’t matter even if you are working from home for the first time, here are some tips to make big results working from home.

Create an office space at your home.

It is important to have a workspace of your own at home that can give you a distinct work environment like in an office. If you already have an office set up at home, you can carry out your daily business from there.

Separate workspace at home will also help others in the home not to interrupt you while working.

Psychologically, this will benefit you to create a distinction between your work and family life and responsibilities.

Try to keep your workspace more live by adding some indoor plants or flowers or a bowl of fish.

Try to enjoy the resources of technology.

To make your work-from-home experience more satisfactory ensure wise use of technology. If your team needs a face-to-face meeting, make it a virtual one using video conferencing platforms such as skype.

If you are feeling isolated staring at your computer screen working over emails, make a call to your fellow mates if they are comfortable to talk even if it is just for some time sharing laughs with them. While making a call use a noise cancellation headphone to improve the quality of the call and to have a better experience.

Get dressed as if in office.

While working from home many tempts to take advantage of working in a nightgown or sweatshirt, wearing a formal dress that you usually wear while going to work can psychologically impact you to get into the right mentality. It will give you a feel of confidence and responsibility to complete your tasks.

Get refreshed with small breaks.

Take small short breaks of 15 minutes, ideally every 60-90 minutes to recharge yourself.

Give your eyes a small break by closing your eyes for some time or do some quick exercises like stretching.

 Working from home doesn’t mean you have to stay in your workspace the whole day, these small intervals are essential for your overall wellbeing and performance.

Keep your workspace clean and quiet.

It Is important to keep your desk organized. Make sure you have all the items that you need while working like work papers, work files, and other stationery items around you before you sit to work.

Mute notifications from social media platforms that might distract you while working. Use these only when necessary. Also. Keep away things that can remind you of your household chores.

Make a list of to-do things and strike it out once you finish it. Avoid procrastination as it will only lengthen the list of unfinished tasks.

While you work from home, stay safe from Coronavirus by following some preventive measures.

Coronavirus is believed to spread through person-to-person contact. The Department of Health (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)recommends the following measures;

  • Avoid Handshakes, greet with Namaste.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly with soap often at least for 20 seconds if you happen to go out for any important reasons. Sanitize your hands after touching something that may have passed through many hands.
  • Avoid touching your Eyes, Mouth, and Nose with unwashed bare hands.
  • Avoid close contact with people who are sick.
  • Keep your home disinfected. Use sanitizer or any disinfectant to clean commonly touched surfaces like Doorknobs, kitchen cabinets, countertops, switches, and so on…
  • Close your mouth and nose with a tissue when you cough or sneeze, or use the inside of your elbow.
  • Always use a mask while going outside and try to maintain social distancing.

Stay in contact with your supervisor to ensure you have everything you need to be successful while working from home. It’s not only important to finish the tasks on time but also important to keep yourself protected. Stay at home and stay safe.

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Kakkanad – Perfect spot for an investment Kakkanad – Perfect spot for an investment

In early 2000, Kakkanad was only one among a developing village/ panchayat in Kerala, which only had the collectorate to point out as a major landmark. But, today, in contrast to it’s past, Kakkanad has a special place in the changing map of Kerala. Today, the small town of Kakkanad has all the amenities to cater to the needs of the young generation with shopping malls, restaurants, cafes, football turfs, and many reputed schools, colleges, hospitals, etc that promise a quality lifestyle.

With the announcement of smart city in 2003, there was a significant boom in the IT sector, that changed the face of Kakkanad with several residential apartments and commercial hubs of activities including Infopark coming up. Subsequently, land price was also on a hike as it jumped from Rs. 35000/- per cent to Rs. 15 Lakhs per cent even for an interior location.

In the first phase, various reputed companies like TCS, Wipro, E&Y, etc in the Infopark & smart city premises have around 50 thousand IT professionals working there. Now, the second phase of Kakkanad development that has Water Metro, Metro services and Expressway starting from Vyttila-Edapally By-Pass in its list of massive infrastructure development program is under progress and is anticipated to be completed by 2021-2022. Meanwhile, on the technology side, great projects like Sands Infra Twin towers (around 37 Lakhs Sqft.), Prestige, Marattukulam, etc which are around 15 Lakhs Sqft of IT space and projects in the second phase of Infopark and many more are on the way.

Definitely, there is going to have a huge demand for good accommodation in that area as around 75,000 to 1 Lakh IT professionals are to join the already existing workforce. On analyzing the available options for accommodation, it is just enough for the current community. A 2 or 3 BHK flat have rent between Rs. 15000/- to Rs. 20000, an inflow of more professionals is sure to increase the demand.

We were always with Kakkanad development. Now, we are proud to be a part of the second phase also. Our firm, well aware of the immense possibilities of investment in Kakkanad is happy to make it avail to you through our grand projects which are near and around info park phase 1, phase 2, and smart city. We have a range of products for all budgets and they are either being completed or under construction. These are nothing less than the best choice for an investor who follows the policy of “minimum investment, maximum returns’’ and here we would like to introduce you to our housing project SUNNYVALE (2,3 & 4 BHK apartments near Expressway, Infopark, Kakkanad).

SUNNYVALE is Kochi’s first sports-themed premium apartment that is in close proximity to Smart city and Infopark . All the facilities to lead a comfortable lifestyle is at a stone throw distance from the apartment as there are many highly reputed educational institutions, multi-specialty hospitals, Banks and ATM centers, Shopping Malls, Playgrounds, and Five-star hotels nearby. The apartment is designed to ensure convenience, safety, and privacy. We have made it sure to provide all the amenities, to support resource and waste management, Vehicle parking, Social life, and a healthy and happy way of living. The easy access to Cochin International Airport, Seaport- Airport Road, and NH Bypass at Palarivattam make it an ideal location with soaring appreciation potential. All housing projects of SFS have a steady and incomparable track record of value appreciation. To point out, over the last 7 years SFS Beverly park in Kadavanthara had a value appreciation of 7200 from just 4500 in 2012 and for SFS Boulevard Boutique Apartments in Vennala it’s 7000 from 4500 in 2013 over the last 6 years.

For a person who wishes to buy a home, no other time is more suitable with the PMAY scheme that gives credit on a discount of 2.6 Lakhs on apartment cost besides up to 3 lakh returns on income tax and additional 1.5 lakhs income tax benefits under certain criteria alongside ( this scheme is offered only up to march 2021).In case if you a have plan to rent it out, it will pay the lion share of your EMI and in case if you have to stay in a rented house, the rent being paid plus a few thousand will cater your EMI part and you will have your own address even after the sales.

Moreover, for a person with already a home buying a second house would open up doors to many avenues of investment. Owning a second house means adding up to your assets and a source of regular income. There is also a tax deduction on interest under Section 24 if you are taking a loan to buy the second house. You can get a tax deduction up to Rs. 2 Lakh if the house is not rented out towards the interest paid and a tax deduction up to the amount paid towards interest if the house is let out on rent.

Many now choose real estate as their best option for investment owing to its fast-paced growth and promise of profit. Taking the decision to invest wisely at a young age will be a decision that you won’t regret and it will also help you to learn better spending habits to be more responsible. Money spend on assets is not an extravagance it will always come back to fill your pocket in the future.

Besides the above-mentioned projects SFS has premium luxury apartments all over Kerala. SFS stands with their customers to help out with rental needs or any maintenance issues through our dedicated ‘After-Sales Team’. For enqueries feel free to call our sales representative.

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Gone are the days when people use to have houses with backyards and gardens. Kids and youngsters had enough space to move around freely and play carefree, when space was never constrained to them. However, owning a house in a city like Kochi, in the current time, sounds almost like a fancy tale. With this changing scenario, people are more inclined toward apartments rather than houses.This paradigm shift in lifestyle and habitation has drastically impacted the younger generation. Kids are mostly addicted to indoor activities: television, video games, and mobile phones. Many scientific researches have concluded that these addictions not only result in adverse physical issues it also impacts the mental growth. Outdoor sports and activities play a crucial role in the development of kids.

Here under are a few facts that would bring out the benefits of buying a home with children’s play area:

Mental and physical growth:

Away from the confinement and constraint of four walls, outdoor activities trigger more enthusiasm in kids. They become more active which make their bones stronger boosts their fitness level. It also helps them to burn off extra energy and calories enhancing their overall growth. Being outside children’s imagination is often stimulated by the objects around them and they quickly tap into their creativity. Being in the sunshine, even in winter, means their bodies will naturally absorb vitamin D. The freedom of outdoor play also encourages kids to get rid of built-up energy, particularly if they tend to be fidgety when sitting for a long period of time. Outdoor activities makes them calmer and ultimately helps them to be more focused when in the classroom.

Development of social skill:               

As outdoor spaces are usually less confined than indoors, it is less intimidating and helps children to naturally come out of their nutshells and be more social. This means that kids would be more willing to join in games and activities. Hence they will be more likely to talk to other kids and make new friends. This encourage kids to learn social skills and how to interact with other children away from the supervision of adults. They learn how to take turn while playing, they learn how to pick up themselves while they fall, and they learn the meaning of independence and self-reliance.

Right social environment for kids to grow:

The social and moral code of an individual is the result of the surrounding or the environment in which he/she grows. No human can live an isolated life hence social interactions are necessary for every age group. Living in a good social environment increases the probability that a child will develop a positive social relationship. Social behaviour and ability to develop positive relationships with others were traditionally conceptualized as skills which would develop naturally. However, there has been an increasing notion that social behaviours are learned and that children must be taught pro-social behaviour. Kids learn from their social environment, the social behaviour of their peers, and thus what they see in their day to day life.

We can shape our futures by the effort we put today. Kids are the future so let them grow with freedom, let them learn on their own, let them enjoy the gift of childhood.

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