Why invest in SFS PROPERTIES? Why invest in SFS PROPERTIES?

SFS HOMES is the leading real estate brand of Kerala noted for timely delivery of projects, quality construction, dedicated customer service and is synonymous of trust.

1. ASSURED ORGANIC GROWTH -All our properties are selected after detailed research of future city development, infrastructure plan, and socio-economic trends. We have separate research wing under Department of Innovation handling this study. This ensures high and organic growth in property appreciation.

2. ATTRACTIVE AND STABLE INCOME RETURN – Ensure only appropriate segment Client buy and occupy our property leading to well-maintained properties. At any given time buyers wait for resale and rental in our properties .We do systematic ‘client profiling’ long before we identify a location in a city. Segment of client includes CEO of IT companies, business class, doctors, bureaucrats, shippies, top management officials of companies, NRI and NON NRI etc. We ensure that there is a pride in ownership of our properties. This is one of the primary reasons our properties fetch high rental and resale value.

3. HIGH CONNECTIVITY -All our properties have high accessibility and connectivity, wide access roads (min 2 cars, truck, fire tender etc can pass easily at any spot on the access to the project or within the project).

4. IMMUNITY AGAINST MARKET FLUCTUATIONS – All our properties are class one residential properties. Hence in case of market volatility we are shielded against depreciation.

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5. ASSETS WITH STRONG PROJECTILE FOR APPRECIATION; All our projects are design driven ensuring high appeal, aesthetic, high utility, easy to maintain, less cost of operation due to green building features incorporated, high wellness quotient, flexible and long design life. This create a strong projectile for appreciation.

6. A SAGA OF TRUST -We are experts in residential housing in KEARLA with 35 years’ experience with CRISIL DA2+ rating & ISO certification, projects with ICRA and CRISIL 7 star rating, which ensures flawless design, perfect execution, ease of documentation, timely delivery and seamless buying experience . SFS HOMES is a founding member of IGBC- KERALA chapter (Indian green building council) and we follow green building guidelines in our project. Promoters of SFS HOMES ,MR SRIKANT and MR LAVA have more than 3 decades of experience in real estate and housing in KERALA. We have the least attrition rate among our staff and majority of them are with us over decades.  All these create a strong base of the pyramid which infuses trust and credibility in the brand.

7. LONG TERM “ASSURED” WEALTH BUILDING ASSET WITH “PREDICTABLE “RETURNS AND LEAST RISK -We have a reliable after sales and homecare “SFS HOMECARE” available 24*7*365 which ensures timely maintenance, expert advice, and maintenance and stress free rental income of your home. We have complete end to end solution in housing from new homes, interior design, HOMECARE, rental , resale support, refurbishment solutions creating goodwill and referral environment .We have a strong customer base of over 5000 clients from 40 countries and more than 1500+ clients are part of SFS HOMECARE. We have strong relationship with all owners associations of completed projects and existing clients whereby we provide support as and when required.

8. HELPS YOU RAISE MONEY QUICKLYAll our projects are 100% compliance to all statutory norms, laws and rules applicable to this industry and delivering peace of mind to buyers in the years to come. We have high customer satisfaction index. All our properties have strong documentation with high clarity making it easily marketable while on resale/ transfer/ mortgage / raise capital by loan over property.  These is basic prerequisite in any business to create an environment for value appreciation. Due to 100% compliance all our projects are approved by all major banks where by ensuring easy finance for buyers.  Sfs always has far sighted vision on compliance, so SFS HOMES made history by being first to get its project registered under KERALA RERA.

9. AN IMPECCABLE TRACK RECORD -We don’t have a single valid litigation against us from any customer, vendor, Govt authority, financial institutions nor general public, creating an impeccable 35 years track record in housing industry in Kerala.

10. PROFESSIONAL TO THE CORE – We have the best of expertise for building these homes, be it top architect and proven consultants, experienced staff at office and sites, sophisticated machinery and infrastructure to build. We maintain high level of transparency in all our dealings with all our stake holders.

11. RESEARCH PAYS -We do constant monitoring of our property price to track the property and rental returns to check – correct- validate the design of success we are committed for.

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12, MOST TRUSTED BUILDER IN KERALA -. Sfs homes is Known as being the MOST TRUSTED BUILDER IN KERALA when it comes to delivering homes on time. This feat is achieved by employing the most modern management principles and dedicated experienced work force we are proud of. We own most of the machineries and construction equipment from the piling for foundation to the finishing tools. We are known in the market to be prompt pay masters with our vendors, suppliers and contractors because of which we command confidence with our partners who support wholeheartedly and go extra mile to support in delivering homes on time.

13, INTERNATIONAL QUALITY– we build homes that last a lifetime. Great pride is taken to construct our homes with finish material, skilled work force, under expert supervision and built with passion. Our in-house quality assurance department has a team of well experienced professionals who enforce the most stringent quality controls. We on a regular frequency scrutinize our quality systems by third party inspection agencies and auditors as per international standards.  

All these points makes SFS properties easy to resell, however mostly our clients rarely resell SFS properties because of the value they perceive in them. We have many cases of second generation (Father bought earlier in SFS HOMES and now son buying again from us), in fact the tagline “TRUSTED BY GENERATIONS” was coined by a proud owner’s son in a testimonial awarded to us during their second buy and we happily made it as our tag line. 

SFS believes that home is where the heart is and strives to achieve it. SFS HOMES does not depreciate nor can it be brought down by anybody, purchased with common sense, paid in full, and managed with SFS HOMECARE, it is about the safest investment you can have.

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Tips To Survive The LockDown Period Tips To Survive The LockDown Period

Your Home…The Safest Place Now!!!

Remember ; As of now, no vaccine has been formulated for the novel coronavirus. In light of this fact, prevention appears to be the best cure available so far. “STAY HOME STAY SAFE”

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Coronavirus Precaution: Measures To Make Sure You Do Not Catch The Disease Coronavirus Precaution: Measures To Make Sure You Do Not Catch The Disease

With coronavirus taking steps to go out of control in India, here’s the manner by which you can protect yourself from the scourge.

Starting at now, an antibody has not been planned for the novel coronavirus. Considering this reality, anticipation seems, by all accounts, to be the best fix accessible up until this point.

Corona Virus Article SFS HOMES

Here are the measures you have to take to keep the infection under control:

  1. Avoid close contact with people who are sick.

2. Maintain at least three feet distance between yourself and anyone who is coughing or sneezing.

3. Abstain from contacting your eyes, nose, and mouth.

4. Remain at home when you are Sick.

5. Cover your cough or sneeze with a tissue, then dispose of the tissue safely.

6. Clean and disinfect frequently-touched objects and surfaces using a regular household cleaning spray or wipe.

7. Wearing a mask is not necessary unless you are taking care of an infected person. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) does recommend that only infected people wear masks to prevent the spread of the virus.

8. Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, especially after going to the bathroom, before eating, and after blowing your nose, coughing, or sneezing.

Video on How to wash Hands Properly

9. If soap and water are not readily available, use an alcohol-based hand sanitiser with at least 60% alcohol. Always wash hands with soap and water when hands are visibly dirty.

10. If you have a fever, cough and difficulty breathing, seek medical attention immediately.

11. Keep in mind the travel advisory set out by the Ministry of Health and Welfare.

As of now, no vaccine has been formulated for the novel coronavirus. In light of this fact, prevention appears to be the best cure available so far.

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Kochi’s Metro Connectivity Influencing Real Estate Kochi’s Metro Connectivity Influencing Real Estate

Kochi has, since ancient days been one of the most happening cities in Kerala. If it was one of the busiest port cities in ancient times, it now has to its credit a metro rail, a smart city tag and an international airport that connects the city to the rest of the world. It is also a tourism and hospitality hub, in addition to becoming one of the most quickly developing real estate investment destination.

Real Estate Hotspots in Kochi Connected by  Kochi Metro

Ever since the Marine Drive walkway was built in the 1980s, it has been one of the most happening places for real estate development. However, this prime property does not come easy on the purse, and that was when the areas around M G Road, Edapally -Vytilla bypass and Panampilly Nagar joined the race.

The Kochi Metro rail now runs from Aluva to Thykoodam. Once all the three phases are functional, the metro rail will connect the International Airport to residential locations such as Thrippunithura. This will ensure better connectivity within the city. The extensions to Infopark (a leading Information Technology park in the city) will also make it easier for the people working in those areas to get to other parts of the city easier.
This will also make Kochi and its suburbs one of the most preferred real estate destinations.

Why Invest in Kochi?

The Ministry of Urban Development has ranked Kochi as the 5th among the top 20 candidates earmarked for Smart City mission initiative. Kochi is also the first Tier II city to have a metro rail. And that is not all. It is one of the main venues for the submarine cable landings after Mumbai. Kochi also has to its credit the country’s largest and first global hub terminal at Vallarpadom making it one of the fastest developing cities in South India. All these changes have had Kochi leapfrogging into one of the most preferred destinations for real estate investments.

SFS Homes, Kerala’s most trusted Builder, offers ready to move in  and on-going apartment  projects with coveted addresses and views which are worth a look! Check out our premium projects in Kochi!


For more details visit:- www.sfshomes.com

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Home Maintenance Checklist for the Summer Home Maintenance Checklist for the Summer

Summer is all about sunsets and palm trees. Apart from planning your summer vacations and revamping your wardrobe to stay away from the scorching sun, it is also important to prepare your home for the immense heat wave which is going to take over. Installing an air conditioner might sound like a good option, but it is not environmental friendly. It can also cause adverse effects on your health and be heavy on your pocket too.

However, there are many natural ways to prepare your home for the scorching heat. Let’s look into some simple home maintenance tasks will help you beat the heat and keep your home cool during this sunny season.


Roofs are your first line of defence against the outside heat. Try keeping the temperature down the holistic way and make your home summer ready by painting your terrace or roof white. This gives your home a fresh look and keeps the heat at bay.

Windows & Doors

Lubricate locks, doors, sliding glass doors and window casings as they tend to expand during summer. It is a good option to keep your curtains closed during the afternoon hours when the sun is at its peak. This will keep the heat from entering your home. If you do not want to keep the bright sunshine from lighting up your home, you can get the best of both worlds by using light breezy chiffon curtains and placing fresh indoor plants right in front of the window. This trick lightens up the house but keeps the heat away. You can also add an elaborate panel of mirrors to your walls to reflect the light but not the heat.

Also, double check if your home is safe from ant invasions. Rotten doors and window sills are easy points of access for pests. Make sure to seal any open areas and check for any faults in weather proofing. This ensures that the summer heat remains outside where it belongs.

Inspect your cooling devices

Ensure that your ceiling fan is whirring smoothly. One additional thing you could do is adjust the fan’s settings to make them run counter clockwise. This makes your ceiling fans more efficient by pulling the air up and out. Your best bet is to call up a professional for the servicing. It is also a better option to clean all exhaust fans in the kitchen and bathrooms to ensure smooth air flow.

Don’t let things get too heated up

Get your heater’s pressure tank valve checked. After being overused in the winter months, the heat valves of your heater tend to get blocked. This is very hazardous and even poses the risk of blowing up. Utilise your summer months to test the valve and get it cleaned to avoid any last-minute repairs. Also, get all your power outlets, cords and circuits checked out. The additional load summer is going to exert on your wirings may just be enough for it to go kaput. Also, replace all the outlet covers that are broken. Outlets exposed too long to the harsh sun might result in it catching on fire.

Work on your interiors

Add some radiant colours to your living room to complement the bright sunshine. Paint your walls in calm and soothing pastel colours to add a fresh twist to your home décor. If painting is too much of a change, you can add subtle-coloured cushions to your living room couch or even pastel shaded décor items like a vase or a photo frame. Pack carpets and rugs away as they tend to absorb heat. Instead, you can keep the floor clean and empty so they can reflect more light and act as a cooling agent to bare feet.

Outdoor TLC

The space beyond your four walls requires some attention too. Here are some outdoor elements you can take care of this season to make your home summer friendly:

Beautify your balcony or patio to create a cosy outdoor space for your evening coffee. Deck this outdoor seating area with hanging pots, easy to maintain ferns and other exotic plants. You can also add a hammock or a patio swing to create a snug place of your own to relax and unwind in the evenings, when the city tends to cool off. Check out our tips for growing and maintaining a balcony garden for some additional insight.

This summer make your home environment-friendly by checking and repairing any leaks in hoses and faucets. Find your perfect home at SFS HOMES and sail through the summer with our helpful summer tips.

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Common Real Estate Investing Mistakes You Should Avoid Common Real Estate Investing Mistakes You Should Avoid

Investing your money in real estate is one of the safest and most profitable investment avenues. Specifically, in India, the real estate market is expected to touch $180 million by 2020, making it one the best options for investment over other forms. Owing to the economic boom, the average income has increased giving us added incentive to invest in real estate. A smart investment can potentially change your life by generating healthy returns, but a bad investment could hamper the future potential of your property. While many consider investing in real estate a confusing affair, there are precautions you can take to help you start off on the right foot. Listed below are some common real estate investing mistakes you should avoid to make smart investment decisions:

Not doing your research

When looking for properties to invest in, this is the most critical step, but surprisingly the most overlooked. Failure to do so can mean average returns or worse, a dead investment. It’s important you not only look at the city your investing in but also research on aspects like the builder’s history, upcoming projects in the area, civic amenities, the location’s capital appreciation, rental yield, resale value, etc. Every bit of research you do or don’t can affect the returns you make on your investment.

Not evaluating your finances and credit score

Many people often rush into their investments without fully evaluating their finances. While investing in a property, you tend to overlook the additional costs of painting, maintaining, furnishing and monthly living expenditure. Apart from this, you also have property tax, home insurance and duties payable while buying a home. Making a list of all these expenses will help you make a better decision on whether you can afford a particular property or not and save you from potential debt.

Another important financial aspect is the home loan and your CIBIL score plays a huge role in ensuring your home loan does not get rejected. A CIBIL or credit score reflects the complete history of all past loans and credit card bills. A score of 750 and above shows that you make payments on time and increases your credibility and ability to get a loan. Many people believe that taking on a home loan solves their financial problems. However, it is imperative you clear out your credit history before you think of approaching the bank.

Not implementing an investment strategy

Most investors don’t have a clear plan or strategy in place to analyse their cash flow projection and budget before investing. Ideally, your investment process must start with setting a tangible goal – what is the desired outcome of your investment. Different people have different requirements depending on their age, income level and experience. For example, someone in their retirement or close to it would prefer a steady cash flow, whereas someone younger might be more adventurous and might want to grow his equity through a growth-oriented strategy. By figuring out which category you fall under, you can avoid some real estate investing pitfalls.

Start out by educating yourself on India’s real estate market – find out which localities are currently real estate hot spots with guaranteed appreciation rates.

Not choosing the right property

There are several real estate options for us to invest in – from houses and villas to commercial and industrial spaces. To maximise returns, make sure you do decide between residential and commercial real estate as a better investment option. It is also important you check out the amenities and facilities offered by the developers as they play a huge role in your day-to-day life. Look for state-of-the-art architecture and world-class quality of construction, making it the best investment option for NRI investors and resident home buyers.

Not opting for a reputed developer

When it comes to investing in real estate, it is always advisable to opt for a reputed property developer. Apart from global amenities and facilities, coupled with high-quality construction and mind-blowing design, a reputed builder will also ensure that the development has received all the approvals and permits required for hassle-free handovers. They also ensure the projects are RERA certified for transparency in transactions. SFS HOMES is one of the leading property developers with remarkable properties in the top cities of Trivandrum, Cochin, Kottayam. We create stunning living spaces that complement urban living.

Whether you’re a first time home buyer or seasoned investor, revisiting the basics and understanding these common mistakes can help you save time and money. Once you’re prepared, head out to SFS HOMES today and find your dream home.

For more details visit:- www.sfshomes.com

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