How to Improve Your Credit Score for a Home Loan during PandemicHow to Improve Your Credit Score for a Home Loan during Pandemic

A credit score is everything. It gives the lenders or the banks vital information about your creditworthiness. It is a score rating from 300 to 900. It informs the lenders or the banks as in many cases your ability to repay back the loan taken. There are many things that a lender will look for before approving a loan and a good credit score is one of them. A good credit score ranges between 700 and 900.

A good credit score will affect your loan repayment time. It will provide you with a low interest rate and a high loan amount, and of course the time frame for approving the loan, which will be quicker.

The pandemic has brought much trouble and problems of its own. Job losses, low salaries, companies shutting down, and in a worst-case scenario, no salary at all. No part of the world has been insulated from the pandemic and we see that the issues created by the pandemic are more or less the same everywhere. There is no escaping from the pandemic. So, the question now is how do you improve your credit score in such turbulent times. The question may seem difficult to answer, but there are ways actually you can improve your credit score.

Some banks provide low-interest rates to borrowers, who have a high credit score around 700 and above. To increase your credit score, one should adopt the following measures.

1.Crosscheck your credit report: Sometimes, there can be errors in your credit score report. So, check thoroughly whether your report is updated or not. You can also check whether your report is authentic and if any issues are found, get it corrected.

2.Decrease your loan applications: You should not apply for more loans from multiple lenders or banks as it may hit your credit score badly. It may also signal to the lenders that you are facing a cash crunch or a distress situation.

3.Personal loans: Don’t go for personal loans as they are unsecured loans and may hit your credit score. Banks might think the borrower is risky if you have unsecured loans.

4.Loan repayment: One should not default on existing loan dues, as they will lower your credit score rating. All loans should be repaid back in the time frame agreed upon. The banks or the lenders will also look at your other factors, such as your present salary, financial history, and any outstanding dues.

If your credit score summary is good, there are high chances that your loan will be approved. Any rejection of loans should not be a disappointment in these pandemic times. But it has to be analyzed why the lender rejected the loan application. A thorough understanding of the fundamentals of your credit score has to be undertaken. The points listed above can come to the rescue. A good credit score will mean you are out of debt and have access to funds or loans from lenders or as the case may be from banks or financial institutions.

In India, we look at CIBIL score, which is the standard in credit score.

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Advantages of Buying Flats and Apartments from Reputed BuildersAdvantages of Buying Flats and Apartments from Reputed Builders

Investing in the Real estate has been a prime mover in the economy of any country. From an individual point of view also, it holds true. The Indian middle-class family always dreams of owning their own apartment or a flat. There is nothing that beats the smile on a family’s face once they are handed over the keys of a well-built flat. So, if having a flat is such a big factor today, then selecting a real estate developer or a builder also is also of paramount importance. There are many reputed builders in India and all of them have to abide by the norms of RERA. It stands for Real estate regulation act. It was constituted by the government of India, so that unfair practices by the builders may come to an end.RERA stands for protecting the customer.

Buying a flat is a costly affair. People submit all their lifelong savings or take loans from banks. In such a scenario, it is only natural that buyers would go to reputed builders only, as so much is at stake.

Few points which have to be considered regarding reputed builders are:

  1. Trustworthiness: This is a very important point regarding reputed builders.If many people trust in a brand, it creates an atmosphere of confidence and security.The builder then doesn’t have to do much as the prospective buyer already feels secure in his purchase.
  2. Ease of getting loans: Since the real estate developer or the builder is already famous, it will be very easy for reputed banks to get associated with them.That in turn is a win-win situation for all, and the customer benefits the most.The customer gets the best interest rate for his loan from the bank and a comfortable payback duration.
  3. Quality parameters: For the reputed builder, quality comes first. From the materials used in construction to the well trained employees of the builders, everything will be at premium.So, we see that a reputed builder, will leave no stone unturned for delivering his well built flats.
  4. Delivery on time: We see that according to RERA, timely delivery as promised by the builder has to be honored. With reputed builders, it should not be an issue, as they have a reputation to keep.
  5. Modern facilities and Amenities: With technological advancement and development, there are many new things which are a part of a modern flat, compared with some few years ago.In the case of reputed builders, they make sure that the occupants get the best facilities at par with international standards.As we see,a modern, state of the art apartment boasts of many features which may not be there with less popular builders.


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Perfect Work-Life Integration Comes With SunnyvalePerfect Work-Life Integration Comes With Sunnyvale

A city that promises a quiet and comfortable lifestyle is what one just cannot get enough of.  Kochi is among the most loved metropolitan cities in the world today with all that it has to give to its residents. Being the flourishing IT city that it is, working professionals are settling down in the city and looking for their perfect home. The real estate market in Kochi has grown over the years with a variety of residential and commercial projects currently underway.

A modern, stylish, and trendy residential offering can be found in SFS Sunnyvale Kakkanad. This spectacular Project is located on Expressway Kakkanad, an area that is well-planned with a variety of premium projects. The Smart City  and infopark are within reach, and this is a big benefit, since it ensures that one can be closer to the workplaces. There is also a great rental opportunity for this project. Additional benefits include proximity to Cochin city, Seaport-Airport Road, and connectivity to the proposed Kochi Metro phase 2 and water metro. This provides the much-needed accessibility to the major IT hubs ,Educational institutions  and other places of convenience.

SFS Sunnyvale – A Door To Luxurious Living!

This expansive project is a very promising piece of land. These homes are the symbol of ease and luxurious designs. The interior spaces are appealing and easy to maintain.  You can choose between the spacious 2 ,3 & 4 BHK apartments in Kochi.

SFS Sunnyvale (The project has been registered via RERA registration number  K – RERA/PRJ/158/2020 ) is a unique urban development that is focussed on providing its potential inhabitants with the greatest degree of comfort for a modern lifestyle like no other.  You will find homes that are amazingly spacious and feature high-quality amenities. You will find that the outdoor facilities in this project are heavenly and full of fun, wellness, leisure and quiet. This 2 , 3 & 4  BHK flat in Cochin  also offers 24-hour water supply, back-up electricity, and rainwater harvesting. The outdoor amenities include a gymnasium, a swimming pool, a playarea for your children. You can enjoy a life of zen with so many exquisite gardens in the premises. With so many ways to relax at your new home, one can definitely feel stress leave their lives and enjoy greater successes, both personally and professionally.

Make  SFS Sunnyvale Your New Home

SFS Homes is certainly something to look forward to and there is no question about it. If you want to settle down in Cochin, then do make sure to check out SFS Sunnyvale. You will certainly be happy and content with your decision.


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SFS Tranquil- Where a World of Peace Awaits YouSFS Tranquil- Where a World of Peace Awaits You

Since the inception of mankind, community living provided us a sense of belonging and a feeling of security. In the current fast-paced modern life, these factors can be much beneficial as the busy schedules can lead us to isolation and aloofness. Socialising has been proven very necessary for healthy living as it opens up ways to earn new experiences.

Imagine a community where you have like-minded neighbors, where you feel safe sending your kids out to play, where you don’t worry about leaving your elderly parents alone, where you don’t have to worry about a burst pipe or intermittent water supply, where there is abundant living space and serenity. That is what you call an exceptional experience of community living. That is where you would like to have your home, a place where you can enjoy the best of lifestyle amenities nestled with open green spaces.

SFS Tranquil located at Kodimatha, Kottayam gives it all! Where creating meaningful relationships has become a rare activity, SFS Tranquil is going to change that. These residential homes are designed to give you the privacy of your own homes along with the benefits of community living.


These homes come with the best architectural and infrastructural facilities. Life just gets better with living amidst nature in peace and harmony. So, come discover SFS Tranquil, where you get a chance to live the social life you have always dreamed of.


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Kochi Metro’s Kakkanad extension gets Centre’s green signalKochi Metro's Kakkanad extension gets Centre's green signal

Budget 2021 | Kochi Metro’s Kakkanad extension gets Centre’s green signal

The Centre has accorded the green signal for Kochi Metro’s long-overdue 11.20-km-long Kakkanad (Infopark) extension, with ₹1,957 crore being earmarked in Monday’s Union Budget.

The project cost includes the expenses for land acquisition and taxes. The State Government had sanctioned the project in 2019.

The phase-two extension to Kakkanad that will take off from Jawaharlal Nehru International (JLN) Stadium and terminate at Infopark, will thus provide a metro-rail link between the city hub and the expanding IT hub.

It will also establish metro connectivity from the city to the district headquarters, residential and industrial areas, and the SEZ located in Kakkanad. The plan is to complete the project that will seamlessly integrate with the 27-km-long Aluva-Tripunithura phase-one metro corridor, will be commissioned in another four years, Kochi Metro Rail Ltd (KMRL), sources said.

There will be 11 elevated stations in the proposed metro corridor.

Once realised, the corridor will also provide city connectivity to Silverline – the semi-high speed rail corridor proposed from Thiruvananthapuram to Kasargod, which has proposed its Ernakulam Station near Infopark.

Both the mass rapid transport systems will most likely converge at the same premises or have a common station, so that commuters would not have to depend on alternative modes of transport while switching from Silverline to metro-rail and back. The metro extension will also have link to Water Metro’s Kakkanad and Infopark jetties.

Preparatory works

The KMRL has already begun preparatory works to carve out space for a metro viaduct along the 30-metre-wide Seaport-Airport Road, from Collectorate Junction. Land acquisition, for which paper works is getting over, will shortly begin to widen the JLN Stadium-Collectorate Jn. stretch into a 22-m-wide stretch.

The KMRL, which is implementing the metro’s phase one extension from Pettah to Tripunithura would execute the Kakkanad extension too. The Aluva-Pettah corridor was implemented by DMRC.

Kakkanad is a prime location in Cochin where most of the IT operations happen. Infopark, one of the largest IT hubs in the state has opened doors to many businesses in the area. Not just IT companies, Kakkanad and its nearby areas are surrounded with shopping destinations, food joints and more. The area is hence ideal to live for all the activity happening there and ease of living.

SFS CASAFLORA – 2, 3 & 4 BHK Premium Apartments at Vazhakkala, Cochin

SFS Homes has various projects in and around Kakkanad. SFS Casaflora and SFS Sunnyvale are two of the prominent apartment towers in Kakkanad which provide a comfortable stay with world class amenities. While Casaflora stands for elegance and comfort, Sunnyvale is the epitome of luxury and flamboyance. These two apartments are very close to Infopark, hence ideal for techies. Other completed projects by SFS Homes in Kakkanad are SFS Gardenia, Branton Park, Silicon Drive, Silicon Park and Silicon Hills & Meadows. All these projects are extremely convenient to reach and provide a comfortable living.


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TCS to invest up to Rs 1,500 cr in Thiruvananthapuram Technocity at PallipuramTCS to invest up to Rs 1,500 cr in Thiruvananthapuram Technocity at Pallipuram

The Kerala government has approved a proposal by Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) to invest up to Rs 1,500 crore in Technocity, an upcoming technology park in the suburbs of Thiruvananthapuram city.

TCS proposed investments in the fields of IoT, Blockchain, Robotics, Data Analytics, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence aimed at contributing to the defense, aerospace and hardware manufacturing sectors, Kerala Chief Minister’s office informed.

The state cabinet on Wednesday gave its nod for the proposals that could generate up to 20,000 direct and even more indirect jobs. Already, TCS continues to be the highest job provider in Kerala with around 15,000 persons working in different units.

TCS had initially announced setting up its biggest training centre in 97 acres in Technocity. This fresh proposal is the company’s major investment to come up in Kerala after the Covid scenario, said the CMO.

Technocity is at Pallipuram, about 20 kilometers from Thiruvananthapuram city and nearly five kilometers from Technopark.

SFS Cyber Gateway is a prestigious project from the house of SFS Homes, where three spectacular towers pave way to comfortable living. Named Avon, Eden and Tivoli, the SFS Cyber Gateway project lies very close to Technocity, the new IT hotspot in the state. This project, located in the most sought-after location, attracts techies and others alike, with its infrastructure and amenities.

The apartments are fabulously designed with balconies that give a good view of the city and rooms that are spacious and well planned. The facilities offered by SFS Cyber Gateway are ultra-modern and sophisticated. With flamboyance and neat design, the multi storeyed towers have apartments that are comfortable and luxurious to live in. Every nook and corner of the buildings are carefully planned and safely constructed, making them perfect places to be called ‘home’. This avante garde project is where quality meets sustenance.


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Covid proof apartments at SFS Tranquil Kottayam.Covid proof apartments at SFS Tranquil Kottayam.

‘The sky will never be the same again ,yet dreams will find a new dawn again’.

This beautiful quote is embodied with a lot of meaning and relevance . The COVID 19 Virus changed mindsets, work patterns, policies and social  paradigms across the globe. In the same wave of transformation design philosophies evolved with a new synonym.

Resilience, biophilic and wellness based design features that imbibe these aspects offer the most sturdy solutions in dealing with the Covid Pandemic. Let us carefully explore some of the characteristics that make our homes Covid proof.

Design elements in SFS Tranquil

What could be the picture-perfect model of one such dream home? Clutter free design ensuing ergonomics is an important factor. The concept of Social distancing facilitated by spatial distanced apartments is another important factor in this Covid era. The low density (61 apartments in 91 cents) single tower project SFS Tranquil at Kottayam by SFS Homes, imbibes these factors.

At SFS Tranquil flats, common areas are designed and built with naturally ventilation. Fresh air will dilute the pollution level and flush out the contaminants. The common areas are designed and built harnessing 85% sunlight. Windows are well placed to utilise sun movement across seasons using computerized simulation. Therefore every space receives maximum sunlight. The high performance glass used on all windows ensures screening of harmful UV rays. Ample sunlight will naturally sanitize and increase immunity for occupants.

The visual language used in terms of tall room, wide angle design ensures uninterrupted flow of natural energies. This improves the wellness quotient of the occupants. Windows with  spectacular views enhance the mood. Lush greenery and bespoke experiences by renowned landscape architects add to high biophilic value. The Yoga deck-like sun kissed balconies help in fighting germs and staying healthy.

Green Building

SFS Homes are pioneers in green building concept in Kerala.The first multi dwelling residential gold rated building in Kerala was SFS Grande in Trivandrum. SFS Stanford in Trivandrum is Kerala’s first and only platinum rated green building . This has been certified by Indian Green Building Council (IGBC ) certified gold rated building. SFS Tranquil is an IGBC Pre certified gold rated building. High wellness quotient is an in built feature of SFS Homes.

Technology for minimum manual intervention

SFS Tranquil is technologically equipped  to attain least human intervention. High level automation like mechanised boom barrier, contactless access, automated waste water treatment, piped gas supply , designed with self sufficient water management system ,dash board control for property manager to name a few. Onsite waste burner is available to burn contaminated waste within the premises.

Using construction materials that enhance wellbeing

Antibacterial, antimicrobial and easy to clean surfaces are must haves for the wellbeing of inmates. Flooring materials like Nano polished vitrified tiles and porcelain tiles, Quartz, granite, or laminate and lacquered finished doors, stainless steel door handles and lift walls help to prevent bacterial and microbial survival . It is pertinent to note that  stainless steel is among the most versatile material with minimal bacterial and viral retention. This offers hygienic and easy to clean surfaces in times like Covid 19. Seamless and easy to clean surfaces are part of our design policy. Windows and common area comprising of NO NOOK, NO JOINT, NO GAP designs facilitate easy cleaning. Low VOC paints and materials used to increase health and reduce emission-based allergies.

Concepts employed in bathrooms to avoid bacteria and virus traps

Spa-style bathrooms with his and her wash basins, natural light with large windows with outdoor  views are aesthetics with purpose. Well-designed natural and forced exhaust system help to remove contaminants. The project has installed anti bacterial glazed sanitary ware which kills microbes concealed in toilets. All toilets are equipped with wall mounted EWC closets ,concealed cistern facilitates cleaning. This  helps in reducing nooks  were bacteria and virus traps.

Keyless entry and lifts

Key less entry for each apartment to make it contactless .And provision to remotely operate opening enhances this feature. Multiple high speed lifts (1.6 mts / sec) for facilitate social distancing .It also reduces crowding and call waiting time.

Facilities for support people

Need help at home? Facility to accommodate in-house support staff are available within the premises. Each apartment has maid’s or nurse bedroom and toilet, drivers dormitory facility, property manager room, security room .These attributes add immense value during Covid times.

More carpet area

Conventional functional room type floor plan is versatile. This as an alternative to modern open room design is useful . As we are aware functional square footage is now more important than ever.

Work life Balance

Large master bedroom provides space for flexible work cabinets. As elucidated above the entire ambience stimulates creativity and improves productivity for those who ‘work from home’ .There is minimal glaring for display screens, and better acoustic control fenestration is facilitated. Building is equipped with high bandwidth broadband connection backed  by FTTH optical fiber backbone .The ample switch sockets to facilitate remote and work from home. All bedroom design are flexible spaces. This helps to adapt to changing requirements, namely storage – study – lounge –hobby. 

Covid times come with double whammy -Work from home and work out at home. Spaces follow distinct demarcation between live space- work spaces – work out space – learn spaces. Entryways foyers, shoe store spaces, disinfection and sanitizing spaces provided in every apartment have another utility. It creates screening space before entry to living area. Further, each apartment and building are completely and mandatorily flushed out before handling over.

Self-sufficient ecosystem

SFS Tranquil is self-sufficient in electricity and water. Rainwater harvesting, storage, filtration plant provides hassle free water across all seasons. Due to the efficient water management system and low flow fixtures, water cost per apartment is reduced by 40 percent less compared to a conventional building. The water treatment system is equipped with activated carbon filter, sand filter and disinfection for microbial elimination.This ensures potable water here conforms to International standards to limit the presence of microbes.

The building is designed to reduce energy consumption by 10 percent .Further, captive production of power through bio fuel operated generator and 30 KW solar power plant makes the apartment almost energy neutral. Apartment has electric vehicle charging facility ,thereby reducing dependency on fossil fuel and need to go to the fuel station.

Elder and Kid friendly

All these aspects encompass elderly and kids friendly design and function. Barrier free design for common areas and one toilet in each apartment for easy movement of wheel chair enhances  the uniqueness of SFS Tranquil apartments, especially in Kottayam.

Have a passion for cooking and food?

Every apartment has elaborate first and work area kitchen for elaborate cooking, and storage. Beyond functioning as the hub of the home, kitchens regain importance as people are no longer eating out or ordering in.Therefore cooking increases due to both necessity and enjoyment.

Quality lifestyle at all times

SFS Tranquil Building design provides facility for private containment. The concept of shared pandemic helps handle social resilience. Community meeting -greeting – entertainment spaces helps avoid loneliness. Foot reflexology, yoga pavilion ,sun loungers and garden pathways offer relaxing outdoor amenities . Common home gardening space helps cultivation of organic fruit and vegetable that boosts immunity. Gardening helps boredom and increases agility .

SFS Tranquil is blessed with sustainable solutions as we reinvent lifestyles to Covid 19 pandemic. All these provides an uplifting environment in one’s home with emphasis to  physical ,mental ,social and emotional well-being. Ideally, as the saying goes ‘Home is where the heart is’.


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Water Management–“An Elixir to good life and living “Water Management–“An Elixir to good life and living “

Water is growing to be a precious commodity day by day for sustaining life and the environment. Ecological balance to economic development and everything in between, water has an indelible role to play and its equitable management is the need of the day. With water resources facing unforeseen challenges, the importance of water security has been listed as one of the major sustainable goals 2020 by the UN.

Global scenario is such that, due to rising sea levels we foresee intrusion of sea water to land, thereby decreasing the availability of fresh water. This scarcity combined with higher treatment costs in the realm of a community living scenario where chances of overuse, abuse and misuse maybe higher calls for holistic approach towards water management system.

In the wake of the importance of water, the UN has declared access to water as a basic human right and the Constitution of India under Article 21, which guarantees right to life encompasses within its ambit the right to get access to water.Upholding the UN and constitutional directive and the increasing social, economic, environmental relevance of water mandates its prudent usage, recycling and conservation.

A picture perfect illustration of water paradigm and its significance lies at SFS Tranquil apartments in Kottayam, a luxury apartment project by premium builder in Kerala, SFS Homes. Water management here primarily involves having multiple sources of water ,its collection, treatment ,storage, effective distribution, monitoring of usage ,conservation, treatment of waste water, reuse of water and groundwater recharge. In order to avoid fluctuation in the availability of quality water, the apartment has adhered to alternate sources of water to meet the demand in a sustainable manner. Water sources include municipal water, water from premises as groundwater, rainwater varies with the vagaries of seasons. As the quality of water gets depleted and denser in summer season, treatment of water becomes more difficult. Aggregating multiple water sources helps in meeting the demand for quality water in such situations.

The SFS tranquil apartment project is designed as an off shore structure by lifting the ground level higher and facilitating the basement space for ample storage of water. This acts as a buffer to control fluctuations and ensures smooth availability of water. The treatment system has been established after a study spanning at least two years, covering all the seasons. This ensures robust system of water treatment with least cost.

Rainwater harvesting system at SFS Tranquil is a great boon for apartment occupants. Kottayam receives more than 3 meters of annual rainfall, recording an increase in recent times. Rain water collected in the raw water tank gets shifted periodically making space for collecting the next downpour. This enhances the system capability to collect rain water. Leveraging the change in rainfall pattern which is a bounty of nature, abundant and free of cost, has ensured smart usage of water. This has significantly resulted in the reduction of water charges for individual apartments.

Accountability of water by individual water meters in the apartments has a cascading effect on water charges as it not only encourages water saving mentality but also discourages wastage of water. It has proven and long lasting benefits of reducing water consumption by 30 percent. Pertinently water saved will also help in reducing the cost of waste water treatment (STP)

The presence of water saving faucets which drastically reduce water consumption has a pivotal role in reducing water consumption on a long term basis.

A fully fledged waste water treatment plant with power saving features at SFS Tranquil flats is a brilliant waste water system that facilitates custodial uses like toilet flushing, irrigation, landscaping, gardening and so on. Usage of water conserving irrigation systems like drip and sprinkler will help in reducing every client’s water bills. The treated water can help in recharging the ground water too. High Efficiency water pumps reduces power consumption and adds to saving water costs. All these features will ensure 30 percent reduction in water costs at SFS Tranquil in comparison to conventional buildings or independent homes and villas.

Following a proper green building rating system like IGBC ,GRIHA ,BEE , LEED etc helps in establishing a system in the initial design stage itself. Furthermore, water audit at intervals helps the apartment owner or tenant in fine tuning the system. SFS TRANQUIL has adapted the Multi dwelling GREEN HOME rating of INDIAN GREEN BUILDING COUNCIL, for getting the pre certification for green building rating.

Water usage in common area is also is also to be monitored using sub metering .A  professional team of architects,landscape and sustainability consultants,MEP consultants ensured a highly efficient water management system is in place in this apartment project by SFS homes. Maintenance of these systems by trained staff under the supervision of the owners association is also a key factor to ensure long term benefits for years to come. In times of COVID-19 it is imperative to ensure sustainable solutions that reinvent our lifestyles to the criticality of the hour through better hygiene, water security and a safe environment. Even whilst working from home in today’s scenario, a home filled with amenities, clean and fresh water supply makes SFS Tranquil apartment project a safe haven to live in central Travancore region.

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Individual water metering benefitsIndividual water metering benefits

Water scarcity is big issue in India, especially in apartments with huge water requirements. Residents in apartments at metros are finding it very difficult many times to manage water connections and have to deal with water problems frequently, especially during the summer.

Many apartments in cities have a single water connection which has to be managed by all the residents living in the building. This is an irksome issue because even if one resident overuses the water supply, all the residents have to bear the bill, thus causing a huge loss to both water and money. Also, without individual meters, it is difficult to track over usage and there will not be a sense of responsibility among residents to keep an eye on water usage. In many places, the apparent shortages are met with delivery from third party water tankers, and the residents have their pockets torn from paying too many water bills and still not getting enough water for use.

Hindrances for adopting individual water meters

  • Once the project is completed and ready to move, laying pipes and plumbing systems for individual water meters is a cumbersome process and wastage of money.
  • Residents are happy to share the water bill than paying extra for individual water meters which may be huge in the initial stage, but they ignore that they will benefit in the long run.
  • It is easy for developers and builders to install a common water meter than individual water meters.

Benefits of having Individual Water Meter Connection

Getting an individual water meter has multiple benefits and is a must have in all apartments, and here are the reasons for the same.

  1. When installed at the source, water meters will ensure that only the correct amount of water that is supplied by the contractor flows in and will eliminate any proxy entries that flows in at night.
  2. The overall costs and consumption are reduced by 30 to 40 percent on sub-metering water in apartment complexes.
  3. This process will greatly reduce the need for third party water tankers and will reduce the cost of monthly maintenance.
  4. Individual water meters will ensure that you only pay for the water you use. So if a flat contains more occupants than others, they would have to pay more for consumption than flats with less occupants.
  5. It will raise awareness about water leakage and conservation of water.
  6. Having stop valves for every apartment will make sure that during any maintainence works or water leakage, the water supply would be stopped to that particular apartment only and not everyone suffers out of it.
  7. Water meters will dispel confusion of per square feet based maintenance collection.
Individual Water Metering System in SFS Casaflora

Individual Water Metering Scheme

Individual Water Metering Scheme

SFS, First time introduced the individual water meter system in multistoried residential construction in India.

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